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Lauren Mahana


Intuitive Healer



Lauren Mahana is the co-author of Labor Like A Goddess: A Fearless Guide to Preparing for the 7 Gates of Pregnancy and Birth. Also, a  practicing birth doula, intuitive healer,  wife, and mother of two daughters living in New York City. When Lauren was 16 years old, she was gifted her first tarot deck; it was the start of a long, winding journey down a spiritual path. Through most of her late teens and 20s, Lauren was lost living in NYC; she started and ended many different paths, from multiple colleges, retail jobs, the restaurant world, and merchandising, and she began to wonder why nothing seemed to stick. Lauren then decided to find work that would feed her soul, first and foremost.
She began working at a local Brooklyn herb shop which ignited her spiritual path. While studying herbalism, Reiki, shamanic healing, flower essences, and essential oils, Lauren realized that her path was known all along—she was a healer. She first focused on a small herbal practice and then integrated her practice with Reiki and tarot. After becoming a mother, she found a calling to help guide other women during birth. Becoming a birth doula was the perfect cap on the direction of what has officially become her Intuitive Healing Practice.
For the past 10 years, Lauren has been exploring, studying, and practicing to be a well-rounded healer. Her passion comes from her drive to help heal the wounds of the spirit so the collective can be transformed.

What is Labor Like A Goddess...

A pregnancy and birth book written by two birth doulas, moms and intuitive healers, Labor Like A Goddess is the book that is missing in modern childbirth preparation!

Throughout the book, a metaphorical story of a fictional goddess who must walk through seven Gates of Transformation in order to become a Mother is used as a metaphor for the emotional, psychological and often subconscious sacrifices that every laboring woman experiences, whether willingly or not. At the final gate, the goddess must surrender to the ultimate sacrifice—spiritual and ego death—so she can be reborn into motherhood. This book is a guide to help pregnant women understand birth as a divine journey and master how to walk through each gate with empowered sacrifice, purpose and zeal through tools, rituals and integrative practices.

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