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Exploring the Magic of Tarot Mentorship




4 Months

About the Course

Exploring the system of tarot and how to use the structure, symbolism, and archetypes as a tool to connect with your intuition. This mentorship meets you where you are currently at with Tarot. From beginners to advanced practitioners looking to explore the deeper symbolism and intuitive connection with the cards.

Each session we will explore a specific theme of the structure of tarot. The layout of the mentorship will be individualized and specific to your level of reading. As an example for a beginner, we would explore the overall structure of tarot first. Learning about the Major and Minor Arcana and how to use the system. We would then begin to explore individual cards and suits and how there are overarching themes. If you are more advanced your mentorship would focus more on the intuitive connection and how to use a rigid system in a fluid and intuitive way.

You will be provided with a tarot deck and journal to use during the mentorship, as well as journal prompts, tarot spreads, and worksheets.
In person sessions will be located at RiverWitch Co. in Chester, CT. Day/Times TBD depending on individual schedules.

Virtual sessions will be hosted over Zoom. Hosted on either Thursday or Friday evenings. Scheduled between 6:30pm-9pm ET.

Mentorship Details:
4 month commitment
$600 Paid in full or can be broken up over 2 payments of $300. Contact for payment plans.
Individual Inperson or Virtual Mentoring twice a month
1 Group session with all enrolled members & potential buddy system!
Weekly emails with educational tools
includes any tarot workshops that launch during your mentorship

Your Instructor

Lauren Mahana

Lauren Mahana
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