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Public Apology


This statement is to acknowledge and take accountability for an unintentional action that I have personally done that caused harm to another person. In an attempt to be inclusive in our book Labor Like A Goddess, I reached out to an acquaintance to help write a gender inclusive statement for the book. Despite my intentions I used their own words without their consent. I did not acknowledge them or compensate for their time and energy. This is wrong and no matter the circumstances, I am at fault for taking advantage of a non cis person. Additionally, in this attempt to be inclusive, I showed a lack of awareness towards the LBGTQIA community. By adding a small disclaimer doesn’t make for an inclusive experience. Highlighting my own cis gender privilege, I believed I was educated, when in fact I was not. 


Steps forward

  1. Removing the statement; in our next revised copy we will be transparent in why it was removed

  2. The person that has been personally affected has been apologized to and compensated

  3. And I will continue to learn about the LGBTQIA community and how I can support them from a place of knowledge and respect. 

  4. Supporting & Donating to the organization Birth for Every Body

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