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Healing Through Magic


This inclusive package includes 3 separate sessions.

1 Tarot Session

1 Intuitive Guidance

1 Guided Journey

We will work with a theme or overall situation in your current life that you want to focus on.


*package prices are set discounts do not apply*

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5 Tarot Session Package

5 Tarot Sessions for the Price of 4!

*Bonus 1 Guided Journey Session!*


*package prices are set discounts do not apply*

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Year Ahead Spread

Looking for clarity for your upcoming year? The Year Ahead Spread gives you a theme, mantra & focus point for each month of the year. This 13 card spread will allow you to hone in on each month's energy and how to prepare.

1.5 hour session


Image by Johannes Plenio

Discover Your Power Place

 During this session we will focus on a guided meditation that allows you to connect to your own inner power place. A sacred space that you will come to commune with your higher self, spirit guides and ancestors. We will journey together to open your mind's eye to this magical place that only resides within you. After the journey, there is a Intuitively Guided Conversation that helps fine tune your experience. Using my abilities of spiritual connection, tarot and crystal work you will discover a new building block to your own spiritual growth.


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Create Connection: Intuitive Exploration Workshop

Workshop Style individual session to help your intuition expand.

During this session you will learn Grounding techniques, intuition tools, crystal guidance and sacred space design.


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Tarot for the Seasons

With this unique package you are able to forecast your personal seasonal themes. Four in depth tarot session that will focus on the main theme you will be working with and in during that Season. Each session will be scheduled a week before the Equinox or Solstice.

*Bonus Altar & Crystal Grid Designs created for you!*


*package prices are set discounts do not apply*

Image by Katherine Hanlon


A Witch's Life Mentorship

A bi-monthly guided workshop style mentorship to help deepen your magical practice through ritual, craft & spellwork.

Each session we will focus on a theme or ritual that you want to explore. Through intuitive guidance and ritual you will deepen your understanding of your own magic and how best to use it.

2 packages available

3 months (6 sessions) $300

6 months (12 sessions) $600

*package prices are set discounts do not apply*


Tarot Readings

In the Moment 45 minute Tarot Readings


In person & Online


Monthly Package

Every Month we dive deep into the questions and concerns you are having in the moment.


This package can be purchased at 2 different points.

6 months $425

12 months $700

*package prices are set, discounts do not apply*

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Creating Intuitive Connection

My intuitive healing is a mixture of multiple different practices.  We will discuss the issues you would like to work on and tailor a customized healing. This can include tarot, reiki, shamanic journeying, crystal therapy and herbal remedies.

1 hour session



3 sessions $350

6 sessions $600

Monthly Sessions for a Year


*package prices are set, discounts do not apply*

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Grounding through Boundaries

Workshop style individual session on creating healthy emotional & spiritual boundaries.

During this session you will learn boundary setting techniques, sacred space design, and crystal placements.


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